StageRight the event &
staging solution company

About StageRight

Founded in 1991, StageRight has achieved an enviable reputation for delivering high quality craftsmanship.

Comprising a small, friendly team of hardworking A/V engineers, designers and production crew we are confident you won’t find a nicer bunch of people to deal with.

In the early 1990’s I identified the market’s need for a technical staging company that would comprise a small group of highly experienced staff, they would cover the full audio visual spectrum with the highest calibre of expertise needed to ensure a total event success. In 1991 I and a group of like-minded colleagues formed StageRight.

Although StageRight hires audio visual equipment and has a very specialised lighting department, we consider ourselves more of a ‘show’ company. There is a subtle but important difference, not from us the van driver running the graphics computers, but true professional staff, doing the job everyday.

“The right tool for the job”. If ever there was a catchy strap line that would probably be the one that best represents our attitude to a clients event. It has always been part of our philosophy that we should, when needed, be prepared to use the right equipment and expertise to suit the clients needs, not try and ‘squeeze in’ whatever equipment we happen to have on the shelf. This philosophy also applies to technicians and crew, which is why we use professional cameramen for our cameras, not a technician who knows how to use a camera!

I am pleased to say, that as we approach 20 years of trading, my original aims have stood the test of time, as we are still working for many of our original clients. Bless them!

Graham Winn (MD)